Sound Money

The challenge and opportunity of a lifetime


Sound money is the challenge and opportunity of our life-time. Unsound money, with no constraints on lowering interest rates and debt accumulation, has numerous negative consequences on all of us. Bitcoin is a revolutionary digital sound money technology that is facilitating a positive response. Its a once in a lifetime innovation and opportunity. I am dedicated to assisting individuals, families and businesses overcome the challenges by navigating towards a sound money world in 2020s.

I have launch Sound Money Capital and will now post all investment, market and crypto related content on

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This website is now dedicated to my personal journey. I love the intellectual pursuit of markets, critiquing investment theses and global macro speculation about our uncertain future. I am also passionate about education, community and relationships. I share a number of personal thoughts about my journey on this platform, including what I’m reading and what I’m struggling with. Enjoy, comment and share!