Leveraging Good Ideas

A short personal reflection on leverage. TLDR: I’ve grappled with the hypocrisy of a sound money activist utilising debt and decided to leverage my ideas through bitcoin [6 minute read] I am not a fan of debt. Why? Because unsound money, low interest rates and easy debt have numerous negative consequences on society, including inequality, … More Leveraging Good Ideas

Time difference, disorientation and meaningful communication

I was jolted when watching Interstellar recently – a 2014 movie starring Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway. The movie caused to be to dwell on the time-difference I’ve experienced since moving to Los Angeles – 9 or 10 hours difference to South Africa (depending on day-light savings). Similarly to the astronaut in the film, I … More Time difference, disorientation and meaningful communication

The Infinite Loop

Meditation creates awareness of thoughts, causing self-reflection and cognisance of weaknesses, fragilities and insecurities. It can be helpful to highlight these progress areas. But often I think to myself, “why am I torturing myself with all of this reflection? Can’t I just mindlessly plod towards a goal? I’d love to stop painstakingly thinking myself in … More The Infinite Loop