SM (ed. 16): The geopolitical event of the decade

The political and economic sun has been rising in the East over the past century with China playing an increasingly important role in global geopolitics. Despite this trend, I have long been sceptical of China’s centralised and autocratic governance structure. 2021 could be a monumental year, exposing the frailties of excessive control. If bitcoin proves … More SM (ed. 16): The geopolitical event of the decade

SMM: (ed.11) The ESG Solution

The environment is precious, resources are scarce, and we are compelled to sustain this beautiful planet for future generations. Bitcoin’s detractors single out bitcoin mining as regressive and environmentally damaging, which catches the eyes of the increasingly powerful ESG and green movements. But this approach reveals a gross misunderstanding of the technology. This month’s article … More SMM: (ed.11) The ESG Solution