Infidel: Ayaan Hirsi Ali

It’s been a while since I’ve raced through a book like I did with Infidel. I was whisked away to a different world for a few hours each day, absolutely captivated by Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s powerful story.

The book is a political commentary on Islam, but this only becomes obvious later in the book. The first half is filled with her experience between Ethiopia, Saudi Arabia and Kenya in her youth. There are several traumatic passages from female circumcision to refuge crisis. These stories provided me with a serious reality check. The troubles faced by millions across the globe, and their perseverance through them, is a source of inspiration to stand a little taller.

Ali’s description of her arrival in Europe for the first time in her 20s was gripping. An awakening of sorts as she tested the waters of her newfound freedoms, broke the rules in her mind, unlearnt a culture and adopted another.  What a fascinating mental process of doubt, questioning, exploration and discovery.

Highly recommended!

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