Happy Thanksgiving – There’s so much to be thankful for!

Early on in our relationship my wife and I instituted a tradition; before we go to sleep, we say 5 things we’re grateful for. Sticking to this tradition is one of the best decisions of my life! Gratitude softens anger, overcomes self-concern and allows one to reflect on the beauty of everyday life.

So, here are a few things I’m grateful for this Thanksgiving. Relationships are unequivocally at the top of the list!

Marriage – My relationship with my wife has really grown through 2020. We’ve had great support in LA in 2020, but obviously it’s largely down to us. Plus, we’ve been home alone a fair amount 😊.  Dovetailing each other’s energy levels, personality shifts, emotions, insecurities, dreams, inspirational moments and victories has been beautiful! We try to make the most of each moment, like snow storms in Big Bear.

Parents – I’ve grown closer to my parents over the last year. Knowing we were leaving South African shores in 2019, I made a special effort to engage with them. The connection has blossomed through weekly yoga classes over zoom, giving me the opportunity to watch their bodies and minds become stronger and more flexible. I love, respect and admire them deeply.

Old friends – man oh man there are some quality friends out there. People who are willing to listen, take the time to understand and provide words of encouragement. They’ve made the time difference and physical distance feel less significant this year!

New friends – we’ve met wonderful people in LA in 2020. They’ve welcomed us into their homes and taken the time to build strong bonds in a short period of time.

Randoms – Sometimes it’s not even friends – it’s just random connections at a Saturday morning Santa Monica swim that say ‘hi’, give you a smile and genuinely share love for their city with a newcomer. These fleeting interactions can be as enriching as the long-lasting, when we take the time to savour them.

Network – the synchronicity of networking and it’s really shown its value in 2020, uncovering meaningful personal and professional connections. The LA investment community, including the CFA society, has been very warm and welcoming. In fact, connecting to people in LA has also brought me full circle, reconnecting to South African contacts on more meaningful subjects. Once you put your ideas, intentions and aspirations out there, the right people find their way to you to assist you on the journey.

Bitcoin – not just because the price is higher. There’s so much more to it than this! Bitcoin is hope. It’s an opportunity to push back against the nonsense peddled to society by short-term focused and self-interested powerbrokers in society. Bitcoin has also brought me to a wonderful community of diverse individuals and knowledgeable people in LA. We meet every Monday in Santa Monica. Come and see for yourself – Bitcoin isn’t just about making money or arguing on Twitter. The Bitcoin community is filled with good people who want to live in a better world.

Health – Physical, but more importantly, mental health. Meditation keeps me sane! I don’t know how I’d live without it. Sam Harris’s Waking Up app competes with Bitcoin as the best investment I’ve ever made.

Onwards and upwards my friends.

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