Can you care too much?

They say “too much of anything is bad” – at what point do we care too much?

You care to be friendly, but are you truthful?

Care to arrive on time, but do you add value?

Care about others’ feelings, but are you honest?

Care about words, but what about meaning?

Care about physical health, but what about mental health?

You care about what you care about, but what about what I care about?

You care, and now what?

What does that make you?

An angel?

And what does that make me?

Do you want people to perceive you in that way, as an angel?

Many of us are self-absorbed with what everyone else thinks of us.

Are social kudos and likes driving the “caring”? The court of public opinion, perhaps?

Do you care about the person who doesn’t care?

What story do you think they are telling themselves?

We are all telling ourselves a story… to make ourselves feel better about the lives we lead…

Perhaps you’ve just got a better story? A more popular story? A winning story…

But is it a winning story?

In a social hierarchy based on who cares the most, someone is always losing.

How do the losers feel?

It wrenches the guts a little to think… They must be burning up inside.

Maybe they’ll stop caring altogether?

Do you care about that?

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