Bon Voyage: Relocating from SA to LA

We’re relocating to America in December 2019, the proverbial “land of opportunity!” But what became abundantly clear in the months leading up to our departure is that the opportunity lies in front of us during each and ever day. Constantly looking ahead towards the new shores in front of us detracts from the here and now. While the past and future are clearly important, they pail in importance to the here and now. I took value from trying to be present at work and focusing on the challenges offered to me, trying to being present with family and taking real interest in our connection and trying to be present with friends, deepening the relationships even though we’ll be so far away in the future.

While we’re venturing to new opportunities, we’re not running away from anything. The grass is not always greener on the other side and we don’t expect it to be easy. We’re both proud of where we come from and appreciate that our experiences make us the people that we are. We’re grateful for the history, culture, diversity, music, dancing, weather, food and beautiful people of South Africa. We’ll take these influences wherever we go and blare out Mzansi tunes on LA street corner for as long as the LAPD will allow.

When you boil it down, we’re going to LA to pursue a dream. Zakeeya told me the day that we met, that she wanted to go to Hollywood and win an Oscar. Well she’s taught me a lot about dreaming, believing in yourself and targeting your goals with vigour – its invigorating and liberating to do so! It would be dishonest not to pursue this goal with that same vigour. It’s scary at times but it’s also beautiful to challenge and stretch ourselves. I encourage everyone to dream big. It doesn’t mean you have to live in the clouds but bring passion, adventure and hope to every day and I’m sure good things will emerge.

Los Angeles is a long distance from South Africa – 10-hour time difference and 14 hours of travelling. But distance presents an interesting paradox. It’s possible to be right next to your partner in bed, physically close, but mentally miles apart, watching different Netflix shows. Well the opposite is also true. It’s possible to be physically far away and mentally close and that’s the outcome we’re going to achieve. Please let us know whenever there’s something that reminds you of us and we’ll do likewise. We want to know!

We want to grow our relationships with the people who we love. This challenge is an opportunity to take these relationships to a different level through new forms of communication. We’ll take all your support and well wishes with us, take you into each new interaction and make you proud over there. Similarly, we hope to remain in your hearts in all your endeavours.


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